Verna F.  July 2016

Margaret has been my Grandmother's Nurse Practitioner for the last year.  During this time my Grandmother has had several serious life threatening illnesses that were quickly identified and managed so that she remains healthy and well.  While it has been difficult making the decision to place her in an Assisted Living Community, the Margaret Care team has made the transition seamless.  The care she continues to receive far exceeds that of her previous doctors.  Margaret truly takes a personal interest in the health and well being of her patients. 


Mark L. August 2015

The doctor I had been going to had not been able to work with me to manage my blood sugar.  He kept saying that it was my fault because I did not diet to lose weight.  I was very overwhelmed and always felt horrible when leaving because he made it seem like my situation was all my fault.  Margaret and her medical assistants spent a lot of time helping me to understand how the body works, how blood sugars regulate, and what I could do to eat better in a realistic way.  I am happy to say I have lost 62lbs over the last year and now walk daily and ride my bike!  I still have a way to go, but I am no longer feeling like "the other shoe is gonna drop!"  All I can say is, "Thanks for helping me get my life back!"


Patricia S.   March 2014

I have had the opportunity to have Margaret as my personal healthcare provider.  I was sick a lot until my visits at her office.  Then only had recurrent problems after she closed her office in Rockport and moved to Katy.  Now I cannot find another healthcare provider with her qualifications.  I would describe her as an expert, having high integrity, and being creative to help you reach your healthcare goals.


 Wayne T.   March 2014

I highly recommend Margaret.  She took special care of my mother for the last 4 years of her life.  Most important, she made it possible for my mother to live her final days with the respect and dignity she deserved.  With careful attention to reduce overmedication by several "specialists" and coordinate services to get home health and rehabilitation mom was able to actually rejuvenate her energy and vitality to actively participate with her children and grandchildren up until her last day.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking to make the best of their health at any age!  Too bad for those of you who are under fifty!  You will just have to wait, rest assured she is worth it!!


Robert T.  March 2014

My health was getting pretty bad when I met Margaret.  I had diabetes and congestive heart failure.  After my wife passed I lost sight of how to eat and manage my medications.  Margaret and her wonderful staff helped me to regain my independence by teaching me how to manage my medications, arrange for outpatient rehab, and even went as far to help me with lists of foods to buy that were good for diabetics.  She even did a couple of home visits when I was too sick to come into her office!  Now that's good old fashioned care!  Because of her attention and expertise I am able to manage my day to day life, my health is good enough I even go to church again and am actually making new friends.  All I can say is God has a special place for Margaret and her staff.  She is greatly missed, Katy is blessed.


Ginger C LVN March 2014

I have worked in nursing homes for 12 years.  In all this time I have never had a primary care provider as easily accessible as NP Von Heuvel.  Her dedication was consistent for the 5 years we worked together.  She is truly caring and dedicated to see that her patients get quality care.  She is a true advocate for patient rights.  She even goes as far as calling insurance companies when they deny services that are medically justifiable.  I learned a great deal about medicine through her inservices for our facility and I believe that it has made me a better nurse. 


Graciela L. March 2014

I developed diabetes and heart disease at 48, by the time I was fifty, it was very difficult to work.  My job was as a store manager which took long hours and lots of standing.  In 2009 Margaret worked with me to document my health conditions and made it possible for me to prove to the disability office that I could no longer work.  Because of her I was able to get my benefits.  I am forever grateful.


From RATEMD.COM 2012

Very professional staff.  Wait was about 35 min but it was worth it.  NP Von Heuvel was very professional, spent time asking questions actually read my old medical records from a previous doctor, and worked with me to make a plan to get me well.  I would also say she is very thorough in her physical exam and labs. I highly recommend her especially for patients who like to take an active role in their care.  She does not mind questions either. 

Insurance: United Healthcare