MargaretCare offers 4 types of care:  1. Traditional Primary Care Office--Cash and Insurance Accepted. 2.  Concierge Medicine--a Membership Based Healthcare Program 3.  Medically Supervised Weight Management & Lifestyle Coaching (Cash Pay) 4.  MedSpa Services (Cash Pay) specializing in developing and implementing plans of care that empower people to achieve optimal health and wellness.  

The focus of our plan of care is YOU! We believe in this model of care because we are able to take time with our clients and provide outcome driven compassionate care. We incorporate holistic medicine whenever possible to provide attention to every healing dimension: body, mind, and spirit.  We specialize in the evaluation, diagnosis, and management of acute, chronic, and complex conditions in adults.  When a patient chooses to elect our Concierge Medicine services, we offer prompt response to health needs within 48hrs and when necessary we offer case management and coordination of care to our colleagues in other specialty areas.

Innovative care and a patient-driven approach have helped establish us as leaders in Primary Care Medicine. By emphasizing preventive medicine, risk reduction and overall wellness, MargaretCare ensures the best possible outcomes for patients. 

 At MargaretCare our unique preventative services focus on disease management in order to reduce occurrence and minimize complications.  Time is on your side as your experienced personal primary care provider discusses your health goals and concerns, your lifestyle, and addresses any health issues you might be facing through careful consultation and diagnostic testing.



Patients pay cash or utilize their health insurance.  Patients are responsible for co-payments, deductibles, and payment for non-covered services.  We accept MOST insurance plans as in network provider,  contact our Patient Care Advocate to verify the status of your insurance plan.


Concierge Medicine Memberships starting at $125/month.  This creates a VIP designation affording the patients additional services according to the concierge package they purchase.  Patients pay cash or utilize their health insurance.  Patients are responsible for co-payments, deductibles, and payment for non-covered services.

Beginning with your first office visit, your Nurse Practitioner will go above and beyond to provide exceptional care that knows no limitations. To start your MargaretCare membership and find the perfect Healthcare Provider enter your contact information in the form fields below.


Insurance and Medicare

To suit the unique needs of each MargaretCare member, our program is compatible with Medicare and most insurance plans. A MargaretCare membership supplements traditional insurance by emphasizing preventive measures and proactive care to keep you healthy and happy. Our customer service experts will help answer any questions you may have regarding your insurance or membership cost.  Feel free to enter questions and contact information in the form fields below.    


Wellness Program (Services not covered by insurance plans--cash pay)

You and your MargaretCare affiliated Healthcare Provider will form a partnership focused on better health and overall well-being that starts at day one. Working side-by-side, you will develop a comprehensive Wellness Plan made just for you. Taking key health factors and lifestyle habits into consideration, your personal Wellness Plan will help accomplish specific goals and live your best and healthiest life every day. (Also see the Lifestyle Coaching/Functional Medicine tabs)

MargaretCare Personal Health Information Portal

Our goal is to provide convenience so that you can go about your life as planned. Using the latest technology, MargaretCare client health information portal brings you easy access to expert advice when you need it via secure messaging, medical records, customized nutrition plans and Health Assessments together in one personalized site. MargaretCare makes managing your health simple and empowering, letting you focus on living life by your definition.  

  • We accommodate same-day or next-day appointments that will last as long as necessary to talk through all your concerns.
  • We provide all members with an easy access online Personal Health Information Record.
  • Our healthcare providers are available 24/7 to quickly answer your questions or respond to your concerns.
  • We offer expedited referrals to colleagues specializing in various settings from the Houston Area Medical Centers of Excellence and if needed to national institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic, MD Anderson, Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and more.


MargaretCare is here for you, get started today!

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