For decades now we’ve watched bone health in Western cultures deteriorate, even though we are getting more calcium than ever. A whole industry has developed in response to the problem of weakened bones due to lifestyle and aging. At MargaretCare we recognize that the problem is that the pharmaceutical products that have been created to date don’t really supply your bones with what they need to function well, and they can come with some pretty serious side effects. The human skeleton is an amazing and adaptable organ (that’s right, bone is living tissue, like any other organ) capable of supporting you throughout your life, if you only give it the right support. So, forget the frightening messages that you’ve been hearing about bone health. They simply are not true.

 The natural approach to bone health

The individualized program for Osteoporosis Management delivers the 20 key bone-building nutrients safely and naturally with dietary and lifestyle changes to promote your body’s natural pH balance and stronger, healthier bones.

Our unique holistic approach

  • Medical-grade nutritional supplements specially formulated to support your body’s vital systems and keep your pH in balance.
  • Osteo intensive supplements embodying the latest research on the 20 key bone-building nutrients.
  • Dietary changes to satisfy your body’s real requirements and to keep your body in an alkaline state.

Lifestyle changes to help your body deal with the demands you place on it and to strengthen your bones.

It’s never too late to change

The wonderful thing is that no matter where you are on the spectrum of bone health, you can use the programs to improve the strength and condition of your bones. Building better stronger bones can take just weeks for some and a couple of months for others. Women who are on our combination therapy or those with a consistently low internal pH will have the longest healing phase. But you’ll feel a genuine improvement in the first 2-4 weeks. That initial improvement will inspire you — and give you the strength — to keep going. Once you’re through this starter phase, you’ll be able to more easily maintain lifestyle changes to maintain stronger better bones.

Natural and personalized

Your physiology and life history are unique. Your path to restoring your bone health will be unique too. Our approach is to build the foundation of support and then add personal solutions as needed to address any primary or secondary causes of bone loss.