Today 1 out of 2 adults has a chronic illness.  Yet 70% of healthcare costs are related to preventable illness because many people do not understand how to make healthy lifestyle changes.  This usually occurs because these patients feel overwhelmed and do not know where to start to regain control of their life!  We at Margaret Care are here to assist you in taking a comprehensive personal health inventory and teaching you how to prioritize your lifestyle changes in order to successfully reach your optimal health and wellness goals.  We provide support and accountability so that you can make lasting lifestyle changes. 

We understand that our health is directly effected by:  our relationships at home/work, our spirituality/personal philosophy regarding the meaning of life, our financial picture, and our overall attitude/mindset (identity lifestyle).  We must balance our "identity lifestyle" with our "sustenance lifestyle" which is food, water, sunlight, fresh air, sleep, and exercise.  Once we understand how all these components are linked we can function to our best level and live our best life!



We also understand that maintaining a sense of importance both to one's self and the various additional roles that life presents is key to maintaining health.  We must decrease our stressors in order to regain our spiritual and physical wholeness.  Our roles blur from Husband or Wife to Caregiver, Parent to Child Caregiver, Grandparent to Parenting Grandchildren, Children to Caregiver of ill Parents and Grandparents to name a few scenarios.  We at Margaret Care understand the importance of Caring for the Caregiver and offer various discussion groups as part of our life coaching program to address these issues and more. 

We will post the seminar dates as they develop: