Accountable care quality assurance audits—present on admission assessments


It all started when…

there was an abuse of the healthcare dollar. There was little to no monitoring of quality of care provided by acute and primary care settings and therefore a revolving door between the two levels of care formed. In an effort to control the financial impact of such a flow of patient services, the Accountable Care Quality Assurance Pay for Performance Program was created. What does this mean exactly?

  • 276 acute care quality measures “cross over” into other sectors of healthcare delivery to create accountability for positive clinical outcomes according to national standards of care and best practices.

  • This program maximizes the Patient’s healthcare dollar when administered effectively and promotes better clinical outcomes.

  • If there is an outcome that is deemed preventable or avoidable according to information gathered in the ADR process. Healthcare providers face a penalty of up to 4% during observation periods lasting for up to 1 year.

Our Solution…

Our clinicians conduct and in depth quality assurance performance improvement audit of the Patient’s physical assessment and documentation which allows us to identify the quality measures that are applicable to their plan of care. We document, coordinate, and utilize our special trademarked tool to predict adverse events and coordinate care with the Primary Care Doctor, Specialist, Attending, or any other healthcare providers involved with their day to day plan of care no matter what the setting may be. We utilize this data in conjunction with the formal QAPI Processes set forth in Corporations/Entities.


Caring—Cost Control—Clinical Outcomes

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